“At Dinnerful we dedicated to making dinner available on blockchain”
Crowd Sale
Oct 05   to   Oct 18, 2017
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Dinnerful Coin Offers


  • 0.10 ETH = 25 MCD One family dinner
  • 0.20 ETH = 50 MCD Two family dinner
  • 0.30 ETH = 75 MCD Three family dinner
  • 0.40 ETH = 100 MCD Four family dinner
  • 0.50 ETH = 125 MCD Five family dinner
  • 1.0 ETH = 250 MCD Ten family dinner
  • 5.0 ETH = 1250 MCD Fifty family dinner
  • 10.0 ETH = 2500 MCD One Hundred family dinner


  • 20.0 ETH = 5000 MCD Becoming Driver / Managers Partners
  • 25.0 ETH = 6250 MCD Becoming Restaurant Partners
  • United States:  
  • 700.1 ETH = 175,025 MCD New York-Newark-Jersey City Mid-Atlantic Area Exclusive
  • 600.1 ETH = 150,025 MCD Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim Area Exclusive
  • 580.1 ETH = 145,025 MCD San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward Area Exclusive
  • 540.1 ETH = 135,025 MCD Washington-Arlington-Alexandria South Atlantic Area Exclusive
  • 520.1 ETH = 130,025 MCD Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land West South Central Area Exclusive
  • 500.1 ETH = 125,025 MCD Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue Pacific Area Exclusive
  • 480.1 ETH = 120,025 MCD Chicago-Naperville-Elgin East North Central Area Exclusive
  • 460.1 ETH = 115,025 MCD Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington Mid-Atlantic Area Exclusive
  • 440.1 ETH = 110,025 MCD Sacramento-Roseville-Arden-Arcade Area Exclusive
  • 420.1 ETH = 105,025 MCD Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington West South Central Area Exclusive
  • 400.1 ETH = 100,025 MCD San Diego-Carlsbad Pacific Area Exclusive
  • 380.1 ETH = 95,025 MCD Urban Honolulu Area Exclusive
  • 360.1 ETH = 90,025 MCD Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario Pacific Area Exclusive
  • 340.1 ETH = 85,025 MCD Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell Area Exclusive
  • 320.1 ETH = 80,025 MCD Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach Area Exclusive
  • 300.1 ETH = 75,025 MCD Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro Area Exclusive
  • 280.1 ETH = 70,025 MCD Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise Area Exclusive
  • 260.1 ETH = 65,025 MCD Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale Mountain Area Exclusive
  • 240.1 ETH = 60,025 MCD Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington Area Exclusive
  • 220.1 ETH = 55,025 MCD Austin-Round Rock West South Central Area Exclusive
  • 200.1 ETH = 50,025 MCD Baltimore-Columbia-Towson South Atlantic Area Exclusive
  • 180.1 ETH = 45,025 MCD Detroit-Warren-Dearborn East North Central Area Exclusive
  • Less
  • Other Regions:   (* open after US market operational)
  • 2200.2 ETH = 550,050 MCD Canada Region Exclusive
  • 2000.2 ETH = 500,050 MCD Australia Region Exclusive
  • 1800.2 ETH = 450,050 MCD France Region Exclusive
  • 1700.2 ETH = 425,050 MCD Japan Region Exclusive
  • 1600.2 ETH = 400,050 MCD United Kingdom Region Exclusive
  • 1500.2 ETH = 375,050 MCD South Africa Region Exclusive
  • 1400.2 ETH = 350,050 MCD Italy Region Exclusive
  • 1300.2 ETH = 325,050 MCD Germany Region Exclusive
  • 1200.2 ETH = 300,050 MCD New Zealand Region Exclusive
  • 1100.2 ETH = 275,050 MCD Spain Region Exclusive
  • 1000.2 ETH = 250,050 MCD Denmark Region Exclusive
  • 900.2 ETH = 225,050 MCD Belgium Region Exclusive
  • Less

Virtue Crypto Terminal

  • First come first serve
  • Available to Contributors per request

Token Sale

Token distribution

Total token supply: 10,000,000 MCD, fixed Token distribution

  • ICO Starts on October 05th, 2017 9AM New York Time and will last for 2 weeks or until the hard cap of $8M is reached.
  • A Pre-Sale to early ICO participants is held throughout Sept 18 – Oct 03, 2017 starting 9AM New York Time.
  • Token offered for sale: MealCoinDinnerful Token (MCD).
    • Token Contract Address:
    • Issued on the Ethereum blockchain, ERC20 compatible
    • A total of 10 million MCD tokens will be issued, a maximum of 8 million MCD (80%) will be sold
    • Team token locked over five years vested schedule with one year cliff
  • Cap for individual contributions:  Will be determined prior to ICO based on the total number of registrants for ICO.
  • Contributions accepted  in ETH
  • Token price for ICO:1 ETH = 250 MCD.
Fund Raised from ENS:0.30000 ETH

Fund Raised from Exchange: 0 ETH

will be updated on octobor 18 2017



  • Oct 2015
    First 20 families served

    First 20 families served marked the start of operation in Acton Massachusetts.

  • Nov 2015

    Expands to service Westford Massachusetts driven by popular demand through customer referral.

  • Dec 2015
    USD$250,000 from investors/founders

    Successfully completed USD$250,000 on seed round from private investors/founders

  • Feb 2016

    Dinnerful.com application launched

  • Mar-July 2016

    Expansion to service all Greater Boston areas and Go Global Initiative Testing Service in Europe Copenhagen Denmark and Paris, France, London UK, and the Netherlands

  • Aug 2017

    Alpha version of DinnerfulNetwork went live on Dinnerful.com

  • Dec 2017
    Dec 2017 Franchise

    Franchise Operation in New York City and targeted US cities

  • Mar 2018
    DinnerfulNetwork Version 1.0

    Version 1.0 of DinnerfulNetwork is planned to be deployed to the Ethereum blockchain

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Our Team



Mr. Mo has over 10 years’ experience in application security and identity management industry and once owned and managed several chain restaurants before receiving Master of computer science degree from University of Houston Clear Lake in 2007. Mr. Mo is a serial entrepreneur established Social Ad Platform in China (News link) in

2011 and Dinnerful at 2015. Mr. Mo has been involved with cryptocurrcency since 2015. Mr. Mo believes by introducing DinnerfulNetwork accepting dinner payment with MCD will help promote mainstream adoption of cryptocurencies.
Michael Wan

COO & CoFounder

Michael has background in government relations and business management. Mr. Wan has successfully completed several business mergers with early stage internet tourism companies and luxury jewelry retail fronts in China. Michael had played a key role at the early stage of growing DinnerfulNetwork operations and connecting DinnerfulNetwork with important early investors.

Yong Lee


Yong owns a large printing factory in ShenZhen, China before immigrating to USA. Yong joined Dinnerful in Dec. 2015. Yong is an action-oriented leader with strong track records of performance in financial business sectors before starting his printing factory in China. Yong also has the experience of managing cross-functional partnerships to

delivery stellar results and working with global strategic leaders to drive operations. Yong now lives in Bradenton Florida with his wife and son.

Yi Wang

Architect/Lead Dev

Yi is a senior engineer and has been leading dinnerful project since 2015. Yi holds a Master degree of computer science from University of Bridgeport in US. He has experience in developing large-scale infrastructures for multiple consumer application platforms and advertising networks. He is interested in building high performance multi-platform applications. Yi has been involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency development since 2016.

Minhaz Uddin Shakil


Shakil has spent 12 years working at the forefront of the IT industry around the world, including 5 years as Lead/Senior Frontend Developer at Becomeexpert. He has been involved in the blockchain space since 2015. He started out by mining Ether since it was first launched in 2015 and has helped and collaborated with various blockchain startups. Aside from that, he is fond of diving and is always on a lookout for good reads

Pranotosh Das


Pranotosh holds a MS degree in Physics from SUST. Also he has a PGD in Computer Science and Engineering. His research is focused on Monte Carlo Simulation Method in Computational Physics. Pranotosh is also an experienced Web Developer with over 8 years experience in web application development.

Advisor and Early Investors

Gary Dvorchak


James Chong


Eleanor Dvorchak


Larry Wang,CFA


MassDevelopment, Investment Banking AVP

Chairman of Boston Nankai Alumni Association


News about our team

Eleanor Dvorchak


Have questions, maybe this will help...

What is DinnerfulNetwork ?

Dinnerful.com is an application catering groupon-style discount monthly dinner plan service in Boston since Oct 2015. DinnerfulNetwork is the expansion of Dinnerful.com into crypto marketplace to connect real world products and services through incentives and discounts. DinnerfulNetwork at its core, is an idea to open up real world food, travel, shopping services and more via Dinnerful Coins and its virtual crypto terminal. DinnerfulNetwork aims to create a community profit sharing business model for all Franchise owners, service providers and business partners while consumers enjoy the convenience of best service at the most competative price.

What is MCD (MealCoinDinnerful) Token?

MCD (MealCoinDinnerful) Token is a Ethereum-based self mining Smart Contract. MCD (MealCoinDinnerful) Tokens are created with a fix limited amount of 10 Million coins, each vaules of $1 at issuance. MCD is pegged to real Dollar with Dinner service offered through DinnefulNetwork. MCD is traded on exchange at market price while maintain a stable price floor through Dinnerful Meal service corresponding to dollar value. Vist Dinnerful.com for details on how to purchase dinner with crypto currency.

How is DinnerfulNetwork different from existing businesses?

In the two years since Dinnerful.com operation, we have slowly and steadily built up reputation and customer confidnece through hard work and total commitment. DinnerfulNetwork has successfully tested payment service with Dinnerful Coins offering 15% to 20% discount to its core customer base. Through technology and blockchain, DinnerfulNetwork enables individuals and businesses with enterpreneur spirit to establish micro-networks building crypto economy. Everyone on DinnerfulNetwork benefits from a community profit sharing business model. All parties including franchise owners, service providers and business partners improve profit and efficiency offering DinnerfulNetwork services utilizing DinnerfulNetwork resources and tools. Consumers enjoys the convenience of best service at the most competative price.

Two examples of cost saving:

  • Dinnerful whole month dinner plan price (around $550) in Boston is less than or about the same as Monthly super-market shopping cost of just the raw cooking materials

  • Credit card payment of one monthly plan order $550 costs $16.54 processing fee while the crypto blockchain payment only costs Txn: 21000 Gas Actual Tx Cost/Fee: 0.000525 Ether ($0.16)

Is DinnerfulNetwork payment system free to all?

DinnerfulNetwork plans to intitially offer crypto payment service free of cost to all businesses/partners/franchise owners who contribute 10 ETH or more worth of MCD (MealCoinDinnerful) Tokens.

What is the total supply of MCD tokens?

10 Million MCD. Fixed supply.

When is the Token Launch? Will there be a Pre-Sale?

The token launch will be on Oct 05, 2017. There will be a Pre-Sale from Sep 08 to Oct 3rd 2017.

What will the token launch proceeds be used for?

100% of the proceeds raised in the token launch will be used to fund the development deployment of DinnerfulNetwork, its tools and infrastructure and its marketing effort to build the ecosystem.

What will be the initial distribution of MCD tokens?

Token Launch (R&D 50%) MCD is designed to be a digital assets token that plays a critical role in exchanging DinnerfulNetwork services. We are fully committed to formulating a stable and worldwide network to promote our community profit sharing business model. We plan to dedicate significant resources to R&D.
Token Launch (Marketing 30%) DinnerfulNetwork success depends on a vast and viberant world market. We paln to dedicate a great amount of funding creating Worldwide DinnerfulNetwork Market, finance targeted operational markets, and increase incentives to stimulate mass adoption of MealCoinDinnerful MCD tokens in all markets.
Retained by the Team (10%) Founding team’s allocation of MCD Tokens will be vested over a five year schedule with one year cliff; 20% will be released each subsequent year in monthly installments.
Retained for Partner Excellence Rewards (10%) New partner participants are crutial to DinnerfulNetwork and that is why we are including rewards to recruit new talents to build DinnerfulNetwork ecosystem. Creating Partner Excellence Rewards Funds will help build a goal driven partners’ network to aggressively reach more markets and revenue. This will also enhance a profit sharing culture to create role models and generate new prospects.

Can I mine MCD tokens?

No, the total supply of MCD tokens is fixed and there is no continuous issuance model.

Will there be a lockup period for MCD tokens sold in the token launch?

No, MCD tokens sold in the token launch will immediately be liquid.

Will there be a lockup period for tokens allocated to the founding team?

Yes. MCD tokens allocated to the founding team, advisors and staff members will be released over a 5 year vesting schedule with a 20% cliff upon completion of the initial token launch and 20% released each subsequent year in monthly installments.

Which cryptocurrencies will be accepted in the token launch?


When will DinnerfulNetwork be live?

An alpha version of DinnerfulNetwork has been live on Dinnerful.com since Aug. 28 2017. Version 1.0 of DinnerfulNetwork is planned to be deployed to the Ethereum blockchain before or around March 2018.

Where can I find a development roadmap?

Check it out here.

Where is DinnerfulNetwork started?

Dinnerful was founded in Boston and is driven by a diverse group of contributors.

How can I get involved?

Join our Slack! DinnerfulNetwork rely on a worldwide community of passionate and talented developers to contribute proposals, ideas and code.

Can i Buy with less than specified amount of ether?

Yes. Total number MCD = ETH amount/250

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